Happy farm make water pipes

Happy farm make water pipes

Play Happy Farm Make Water Pipes Game Online

Experience the joy of farming combined with a challenging puzzle game in Happy Farm Make Water Pipes. Immerse yourself in this engaging online game where your primary objective is to strategically place pipes to water your crops. Consequently, your farming efficiency increases and ensures a thriving farm.


  • Addictive gameplay involving pipe placement and farming
  • Colorful and vibrant graphics that enhance the user experience
  • Multiple levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Unlockable achievements to motivate players to keep going


  • Mouse-based controls for placing and rotating pipes
  • Drag and drop functionality to arrange the pipes effectively
  • User-friendly interface making it easy for all age groups

Release Date

Happy Farm Make Water Pipes was released on April 15, 2022. Since then, it has garnered a loyal user base thanks to its entertaining and challenging gameplay elements.


The game was developed by Green Thumb Studios, a company known for creating fun and interactive farming simulations with a twist of puzzle-solving excitement.


  • Playable on web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Mobile-friendly version available for iOS and Android devices

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