Hero Tower War
Hero Tower War
Hero Tower War

Hero Tower War

How to Play

  • Choose your hero and build your tower strategically.
  • Defend your tower against waves of enemies.
  • Upgrade your hero’s abilities and tower defenses.
  • Complete levels to unlock new challenges and rewards.


  • Various heroes with unique abilities.
  • Challenging enemy waves and bosses.
  • Tower customization options.
  • Exciting power-ups and bonuses.
  • Multiplayer mode for competitive play.


  • Use the mouse to navigate the game interface.
  • Click to select and upgrade towers and abilities.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick actions.

Release Date

The game was released on June 15, 2022. Since then, it has gained a significant player base due to its engaging gameplay and frequent updates.


The game was developed by Fun Games Studio, a well-known developer in the online gaming community. Their portfolio includes several popular titles across various genres.


  • Available on web browsers for seamless access.
  • Mobile versions for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Downloadable client for enhanced performance on PC.

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