Hexa Blast Game Puzzle

Hexa Blast Game Puzzle

Hexa Blast Game Puzzle: How to Play

Hexa Blast Game Puzzle is an engaging and captivating game that challenges your strategic thinking. In this game, you are presented with a hexagonal board filled with various colored tiles. Your mission is to clear these tiles by matching pieces of the same color. As you advance, the puzzles become increasingly intricate and demanding.

Firstly, select a tile and drag it to the position you desire. Then, try to form a line of at least three consecutive tiles of the same color. When you accomplish this, the tiles vanish, and you earn points. Additionally, special tiles can appear, offering power-ups to help you clear the board more effectively.


Packed with numerous features, Hexa Blast Game Puzzle keeps players coming back. The game includes:

  • Challenging Levels: Hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Colorful Graphics: Vivid and eye-catching visuals.
  • Daily Rewards: Collect rewards that help you progress faster.
  • Power-Ups: Special power-ups that clear multiple tiles at once.
  • Leaderboards: Compete with friends and players worldwide.
  • Regular Updates: New levels and features added frequently.


The controls for Hexa Blast Game Puzzle are user-friendly and intuitive. You simply use your mouse or touchscreen to drag and drop the tiles to the desired locations. Additionally, the game provides helpful hints to guide you through more challenging levels.

Release Date

Hexa Blast Game Puzzle was released on January 15, 2022. Since its launch, it has gained a substantial following, thanks to its addictive gameplay and frequent updates.


The game was developed by Colorful Gem Studios, a well-renowned developer known for their innovative and engaging puzzle games.


Hexa Blast Game Puzzle is available on multiple platforms. You can play it on:

  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Web Browsers

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