Want to enjoy a thrilling puzzle game? Dive into the world of HEXAMERGE. This online game offers captivating challenges that will keep you engaged for hours. You can easily access and play it on multiple platforms.


  • Unique Puzzle Mechanics: Merge hexagons to progress.
  • Engaging Levels: Experience various difficulty tiers.
  • Colorful Graphics: Enjoy visually appealing design.
  • Intuitive Gameplay: Easy to learn, hard to master.


  • Mouse: Click and drag hexagons.
  • Keyboard: Use arrow keys for navigation or shortcuts.
  • Touchscreen: Swipe and tap on mobile devices for an immersive experience.

Release Date

  • Initial Release: January 2021
  • Latest Update: September 2022


  • Developed By: Puzzle Masters Studio
  • Published By: Arcade Enthusiasts Network


  • Web Browser: Compatible with most modern browsers.
  • Mobile: Available on Android and iOS.
  • Desktop: Playable on Windows and MacOS.

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Engage in the world of puzzles with HEXAMERGE, enriched with various features and available on diverse platforms. With controls designed for a seamless experience, its captivating mechanics will certainly entertain and challenge you.