How to Play Hexotopia

  • Start by reading the in-game tutorial, which offers a comprehensive guide for beginners.
  • Utilize your strategizing skills to progress through levels by strategically placing hexagonal tiles.
  • Pay close attention to resource management to maximize your gameplay efficiency.
  • Complete daily challenges to earn rewards and improve your skills continuously.


  • Stunning graphics and captivating visuals that engage players instantly.
  • Easy-to-learn mechanics but challenging to master, ensuring hours of fun.
  • Multiple game modes, including solo play and multiplayer challenges.
  • Regular updates with new content and features to keep the gameplay fresh.


  • Use the mouse to place and rotate tiles on the game board.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available for advanced control options.
  • Touchscreen compatibility for mobile and tablet users to enjoy the game seamlessly.

Release Date

  • Officially released on January 20, 2023
  • Available for early access since mid-2022 for beta testers.


  • Developed by XYZ Studios, known for their innovative and engaging online games.
  • Supported by a dedicated team constantly working on improvements and updates.


  • Available on PC via Steam and other online gaming platforms.
  • Mobile versions for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Web version accessible through major browsers for play on any device.

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