Hippo Supermarket

Hippo Supermarket

How to Play Hippo Supermarket

Want to master this exciting game? Follow these steps to excel:

  • Select your role in the supermarket
  • Complete various tasks to help customers
  • Manage inventory effectively
  • Earn rewards for outstanding service


Explore the unique features that make this game engaging:

  • Multiple roles and tasks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive environments
  • Reward system for achievements


Understanding the controls can enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Click to pick up items
  • Drag and drop items to their designated places
  • Press space bar for action commands

Release Date

Curious about when this delightful game was released? Mark your calendar:

  • Released on June 15, 2022


The creative minds behind this game:

  • Developed by Kid’s Fun Studio


Find out where you can play:

  • Available on PC
  • Available on Mac
  • Available on iOS
  • Available on Android

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