Idle Country Tycoon

Idle Country Tycoon

Play Idle Country Tycoon Online

Transitioning into the world of strategy and simulation, you can play Idle Country Tycoon online without any hassle. This game allows players to build and manage their own country, focusing on economic growth and development. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to experience a unique idle gameplay experience.


  • Strategic country management
  • Resource gathering and allocation
  • Nation-building
  • Incremental progression
  • Customizable landscapes


  • Point and click interface
  • Easy navigation through menus
  • User-friendly commands for building and managing
  • Intuitive controls for all actions
  • Accessible on various devices

Release Date

  • Initial release: July 2022
  • Regular updates since the initial launch
  • New features periodically introduced


  • Developed by GameStudioXYZ
  • Known for high-quality simulation games
  • Focused on user experience and engagement


  • Available on PC and Mac
  • Mobile versions for both Android and iOS
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Browser-based version

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