Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business

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Embark on a leisurely farming adventure with Idle Farming Business, where you can cultivate your very own virtual farm without the demanding chores of real-world agriculture. This game allows players to immerse themselves in farm management, making it a delightful and relaxing experience.


  • Engaging and simple gameplay mechanics
  • Beautiful, colorful graphics
  • Offline earnings to keep your farm growing while away
  • Diverse array of crops and animals to manage
  • Numerous upgrades to enhance productivity


  • Mouse: Primary tool for selecting options and interacting with elements
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Use specific keys for quick navigation
  • Touchscreen: Playable on touch-enabled devices for ease of use

Release Date

Idle Farming Business was released on March 15, 2022, offering a fresh take on idle gameplay that focuses on the joys and challenges of farm management.


This charming idle farming game was developed by Green Dream Games, known for their expertise in creating engaging and accessible casual games.


  • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Tablets for a bigger screen experience

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