Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire

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In Idle Hypermart Empire Game Online, players immerse themselves in the thrilling world of supermarket management. As you navigate through various challenges, you can expand your store, hire employees, and strategize to maximize profits. This game provides a satisfying blend of idle mechanics and active decision-making, perfect for casual gamers looking for a rewarding experience.


  • Engaging Supermarket Management Gameplay
  • Variety of Upgrades and Customization Options
  • Automated Idle Systems for Passive Income
  • Strategic Challenges to Test Your Skills
  • Colorful Graphics and Intuitive User Interface


  • Mouse Clicks for Selection and Interaction
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Navigation
  • Drag and Drop for Placement and Organization
  • Touch Controls Available on Mobile Platforms

Release Date

The game was released on January 15, 2021, and quickly garnered attention for its unique approach to idle gaming, combining fun with strategic depth.


Idle Hypermart Empire was developed by Bright Star Studios, a game development company known for creating engaging and fun idle games.


  • PC
  • iOS
  • Android

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