Idle Merge Car And Race

Idle Merge Car And Race

How to Play the Game

  • Firstly, begin by merging cars of the same type to upgrade them.
  • Subsequently, place upgraded cars on the racetrack.
  • Once on the track, cars will race and earn you rewards.
  • Use these rewards to purchase more cars and continue the merge-and-race cycle.
  • Additionally, aim to complete challenges and objectives for extra rewards.


  • Fun and casual idle gameplay suitable for all ages.
  • An extensive variety of cars to merge and upgrade.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop mechanics for easy merging.
  • Continual rewards, even when you are offline.
  • Daily missions and special events to keep the game engaging.


  • Mouse or Touchscreen: Drag and drop vehicles for merging.
  • Tap: Collect rewards and open boxes.
  • On-Screen Buttons: Navigate the game menus and settings.

Release Date

  • The game was made available to the public on January 15, 2023.


  • The creators behind this popular game are Super Fun Games.


  • Available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Can also be played on PC through web browsers.

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