Impostor vs noob

Impostor vs noob

How to Play Impostor vs Noob

– First, choose your character: impostor or noob.
– Next, complete various tasks if you are playing as the noob.
– Alternatively, sabotage the noob’s efforts if you are the impostor.
– Finally, the game ends when either the noob completes all tasks or the impostor wins.


– Unique game-play mechanics that differentiate the impostor and noob roles.
– Engaging and interactive tasks to keep players entertained.
– Intricate maps designed to challenge both impostors and noobs.
– Single-player mode and options to play with friends.


– Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move your character.
– Press the space bar to interact with tasks or sabotage.
– Use the Q key to activate special abilities if you are the impostor.

Release Date

– Released on various platforms on August 15, 2022.


– Developed by GameStudioX, known for creating innovative and engaging games.


– Available on multiple platforms including PC, mobile devices, and certain gaming consoles.

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