Infinite Blocks

Infinite Blocks

How to Play Infinite Blocks

  • First, start the game by pressing the play button.
  • Second, use the arrow keys to control the blocks.
  • Next, rotate the blocks to fit them into empty spaces.
  • Then, try to complete full lines to score points and clear the grid.
  • Finally, avoid letting the blocks reach the top of the screen to continue playing.


  • Vibrant graphics with a captivating design
  • Endless gameplay mode for prolonged enjoyment
  • Multiple difficulty levels to challenge players
  • Dynamic soundtrack accompanying the gameplay
  • Leaderboard to compare scores with friends


  • Arrow keys to move blocks left or right
  • Up arrow key to rotate blocks
  • Down arrow key to speed up the falling blocks
  • Spacebar to quickly drop the blocks to the bottom

Release Date

  • Released on: January 15, 2023


  • Developed by: PixelCraft Studios


  • Available on PC
  • Accessible on Mac
  • Playable on Android
  • Compatible with iOS

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