Infinity Golf

Infinity Golf

Play Infinity Golf Online

For those who want to play Infinity Golf online, it offers a seamless experience. You can dive into the game directly from your browser without any downloads, significantly shortening the time between you and the virtual fairway. Moreover, the online play includes a range of multiplayer options, allowing you to challenge friends or players worldwide. Additionally, regular updates keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.


– Stunning graphics that capture realistic golf courses
– Smooth and intuitive gameplay mechanics
– Various game modes, including competitive and casual options
– Customizable avatars and equipment
– Seasonal events that offer unique rewards and challenges


– Mouse: Direct the aim and power of your shot
– Keyboard: Access various game menus and chat with players
– Touchscreen (mobile): Swipe to aim and adjust your shot

Release Date

– Initial Release: July 15, 2022
– Recent Updates: Monthly patches and seasonal content additions


– Developed by: Green Pixel Games
– Publisher: Green Pixel Games


– PC: Browser-based, accessible through popular web browsers
– Mobile: Available on iOS and Android
– Consoles: Compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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