How to Play Jettycat

To master the game:

– Focus on collecting points
– Avoid obstacles
– Utilize power-ups effectively
– Keep an eye on the timer


Jettycat offers a plethora of engaging features:

– Exciting levels with increasing difficulty
– Multiple character customization options
– Unique power-ups and bonuses
– Online leaderboard to track progress
– Regular updates with new content


For a seamless gaming experience, familiarize yourself with the controls:

– Arrow keys for movement
– Spacebar to jump
– Shift for special abilities
– P to pause the game

Release Date

The game was officially launched on:

– January 15, 2023


The talented development team behind this game includes:

– StudioX Games


You can enjoy this game on a wide variety of platforms:

– PC (Windows and Mac)
– Mobile devices (iOS and Android)
– Web browsers

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