Love Cats Rope

Love Cats Rope

How to Play

  • Begin by selecting a level
  • Observe the placement of cats and ropes
  • Utilize the ropes to connect the cats
  • Ensure all cats are connected to complete the level
  • Progress to challenging levels as you advance


  • Engaging gameplay with adorable cats
  • Multiple levels offering increasing difficulty
  • Smooth animations and cute graphics
  • Intuitive navigation and controls
  • Unlockable achievements for added fun


  • Mouse button to interact with objects
  • Drag to connect ropes
  • Use keyboard arrows for navigating menus
  • Press space to pause

Release Date

  • Available from March 2023
  • Frequent updates to keep gameplay fresh


  • Created by Purr Studios
  • Renowned for animal-themed games


  • Playable on desktop and mobile
  • Available via web browser

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