Mahjong Holiday

Mahjong Holiday

How to Play Mahjong Holiday

To enjoy Mahjong Holiday, follow these simple steps:

– Begin by selecting a tile that is free on either the left or right side.
– Pair it with another identical tile that is also free.
– Continue matching pairs until the board is cleared.
– Use hints or shuffle options when you get stuck.


Mahjong Holiday comes with a set of features designed to enhance your gameplay experience:

– Multiple themed tile sets
– Various board layouts
– Hints and shuffles
– Timed challenges
– Calming holiday-themed background music


Playing Mahjong Holiday is straightforward thanks to its intuitive controls:

– Use the mouse to click on tiles you want to pair
– Press the hint button for suggestions
– Utilize the shuffle button to mix up the tiles

Release Date

The game was launched to provide a relaxing, festive experience. Mahjong Holiday was released on:

– December 1, 2020


Mahjong Holiday was developed by:

– Holiday Games Studio


You can play this engaging game on several platforms:

– Web browsers
– Android devices
– iOS devices
– Windows

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