Max Mixed Cuisine

Max Mixed Cuisine

How to Play

To enjoy the culinary adventure of this game, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by choosing your ingredients from the virtual pantry
  • Follow on-screen prompts to prepare various dishes
  • Mix and match elements to create unique recipes
  • Serve your creations to in-game characters for feedback


This culinary game boasts an array of exciting features:

  • Wide range of ingredients to choose from
  • Interactive cooking process with detailed instructions
  • Customizable kitchen environment
  • Variety of mini-games to enhance the cooking experience
  • Achievements and rewards system for accomplished chefs


The game implements user-friendly controls, including:

  • Mouse clicks for selecting and dragging ingredients
  • Keyboard shortcuts for swift navigation
  • Touchscreen compatibility for mobile devices

Release Date

The game was launched on the following date:

  • Available worldwide as of March 15, 2023


This entertaining cooking game was developed by:

  • GrillMaster Studios


You can play this game on a variety of platforms such as:

  • PC and Mac
  • iOS and Android smartphones
  • Tablet devices with touch capabilities

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