Merge Fighting 3d

Merge Fighting 3d

How to Play Merge Fighting 3d

– First, launch the game on your preferred platform.
– Then, combine smaller units to create more powerful fighters.
– Next, strategically place your merged fighters on the battlefield.
– After that, watch as your characters battle opponents automatically.
– To win, defeat all the enemy fighters on each level.


– Engaging 3D graphics
– Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
– A variety of units to merge
– Addictive gameplay mechanics
– Rewards and upgrades


– Click to select and merge units
– Drag fighters to different positions on the battlefield
– Tap for special actions or abilities

Release Date

– The game was released on August 15, 2021.


– Merge Gaming Studios developed the game.


– Available on iOS
– Available on Android
– Also accessible via web browsers

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