Merge Fruit Time

Merge Fruit Time

How to Play

– To begin with, tap on two identical fruit tiles to merge them.
– Then, continue merging similar fruits to form new varieties and rack up points.
– Additionally, aim to unlock rare fruits to achieve higher scores.
– Try to think strategically to avoid running out of moves.
– Finally, use power-ups for extra help.


– For starters, enjoy vibrant and colorful graphics.
– Furthermore, experience easy-to-learn mechanics.
– Moreover, discover unique fruit combinations.
– Benefit from multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
– Lastly, enjoy a relaxing, stress-free gaming experience.


– Click or tap to select and merge fruits.
– Swipe or drag to move fruit tiles around.
– Use on-screen buttons for additional actions.

Release Date

– Firstly, available for play as of June 2022.


– Game produced by Fruity Fun Studio.


– Playable on web browsers.
– Available on Android and iOS devices.

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To sum up, this charming title offers everything you’d like in a casual puzzle game, from intuitive gameplay to delightful graphics.