Moto Stunts Driving & Racing

Moto Stunts Driving & Racing


Moto Stunts Driving & Racing offers a thrilling experience for racing enthusiasts. First of all, the game features cutting-edge 3D graphics, which truly immerses players into the high-speed world of stunt riding. Furthermore, as an open-world game, it provides expansive maps full of intricate tracks and daring ramps. Additionally, the game includes a wide selection of motorcycles, each with customizable parts and features, which lets players truly tailor their ride. The game also offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, so you can compete against AI or challenge friends. Moreover, regular updates keep the game fresh with new tracks, bikes, and challenges.

How to Play

To begin, select your motorcycle and customize it to your liking. Next, choose a track or an open-world setting where you can perform stunts. Use the arrow keys to maneuver your bike around the course, collecting power-ups and coins along the way. Moreover, the space bar is used to perform jumps and tricks. To score high, you will need to combine speed with skillful stunts. Transitioning smoothly between stunts without crashing will earn you more points.


  • Arrow Keys: Steer and navigate your motorcycle
  • Space Bar: Perform jumps and tricks
  • Shift Key: Boost your speed
  • Ctrl Key: Brake

Release Date

Moto Stunts Driving & Racing was officially released on November 18, 2022. Since then, it has garnered a huge following, with thousands of players logging in to try their hand at mastering the stunts and races.


The game was developed by Speedster Studio, a well-known name in the realm of racing games. Because of their commitment to quality and innovation, Speedster Studio has built a loyal fan base that eagerly anticipates each new release.


Moto Stunts Driving & Racing is available on multiple platforms. You can enjoy the game on PC, Mac, and the major gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Furthermore, a mobile version is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that you can play on the go.

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