New Year Balls Merge

New Year Balls Merge

How to Play New Year Balls Merge

  • Combine similar balls to create a larger ball
  • Drag balls around to strategize your moves
  • Earn points with each successful merge
  • Avoid running out of space on the board

New Year Balls Merge is an intuitive and fun game where you need to merge balls of the same type. To start, simply drag a ball towards another with the same number. They will combine into a single ball with a higher number. Your goal is to keep merging and avoid filling the board to the brim, which would end the game.


  • Visually appealing graphics with a festive theme
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics
  • Multiple levels of increasing difficulty
  • Leaderboard to compete with other players

This game offers a slew of features that make it captivating. The graphics are festive and visually engaging, perfectly suitable for the New Year season. The gameplay mechanics are very easy to understand, helping you get started quickly. Additionally, it offers multiple levels, each increasing in complexity, to keep you challenged. Lastly, you can compete for high scores on the leaderboard, adding a competitive edge.


  • Mouse or touch control for dragging balls
  • Simple tap for selecting balls
  • Swipe to find the optimal position for merging

The controls are straightforward. You can use a mouse or touch controls to drag the balls around. A simple tap helps select the ball you want to move. Swipe to position the balls for optimal merging success.

Release Date

  • First released in December 2022

This game was first released in December 2022, just in time for the festive New Year celebrations.


  • Designed and developed by Festive Games Studio

The game was designed and developed by Festive Games Studio, a developer known for creating holiday-themed games.


  • Available on both web browsers and mobile devices

You can enjoy playing on different platforms. It is available on web browsers as well as mobile devices, providing lots of flexibility.

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