New Years miracles! Connect the balls!

New Years miracles! Connect the balls!

How to Play

  • Start by launching the game on your preferred platform
  • Click on the play button to begin
  • Connect the balls with matching colors by dragging your mouse or finger
  • Complete each level by connecting all the balls within the given time limit
  • Unlock new levels by successfully completing each stage


  • Bright and festive graphics that capture the New Year spirit
  • Multiple challenging levels to keep you engaged
  • Intuitive gameplay that is easy to understand yet hard to master
  • Special power-ups to help you complete difficult levels


  • Mouse or finger drag to connect the balls
  • Use the undo button to correct any mistakes
  • Pause button to take a break and resume later

Release Date

  • Released: December 25, 2022


  • Created by: Festive Games Studio


  • Available on: Web, iOS, and Android

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