Noob & Pro Skateboarding

Noob & Pro Skateboarding

Play Noob & Pro Skateboarding Online

Engage in a fun experience when you play Noob & Pro Skateboarding online. The game challenges both novice and experienced players, ensuring hours of entertainment. Interestingly, it combines simple controls with addictive gameplay.


Noob & Pro Skateboarding offers a wide range of features.

  • Multiple Levels
  • Varied Playable Characters
  • Customizable Skateboards
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Engaging Soundtracks


While playing Noob & Pro Skateboarding online, you will find the controls quite intuitive.

  • Arrow Keys for Movement
  • Space Bar for Jump
  • Z Key for Tricks
  • X Key for Speed Boost

Release Date

The game, which had an eager following, was officially released on various platforms in 2022.


Noob & Pro Skateboarding was developed by Trendy Games Studio, a company renowned for creating engaging online games. Their dedication to providing high-quality entertainment shines through in their wide array of offerings.


You can enjoy playing Noob & Pro Skateboarding online on various platforms.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

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