Nose Hospital
Nose Hospital
Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital

How to Play

To play Nose Hospital, first, access the game on your preferred platform. Then, after loading, follow the introductory tutorial that outlines the basic mechanics of diagnosing and treating nasal conditions. Subsequently, you can start managing your hospital, admitting patients, and performing surgeries to ensure they get better.


Nose Hospital boasts a variety of engaging features. Firstly, it provides detailed anatomical models for accurate medical procedures. Secondly, it offers a range of challenging levels, keeping players invested. Additionally, there are customizable hospital environments and interactive patient care routines. Moreover, the game includes a leaderboard to track your progress against other players.


The controls in Nose Hospital are intuitive and user-friendly. For PC players, you can use the mouse to select tools and perform surgical operations. If you’re playing on a mobile device, simply tap on the screen to interact with patients and hospital equipment. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to enhance the gaming experience further.

Release Date

Nose Hospital was officially released on April 15, 2023. Consequently, it has quickly become popular within the gaming community, especially among those interested in medical simulation games.


The game was developed by MedSim Studios, a company known for creating realistic and educational simulation games. The developers have focused on ensuring Nose Hospital is both entertaining and informative.


Nose Hospital is available on several platforms. You can play it on PC through Steam, on mobile devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and also on consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox.

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