Number Sweeper 3D

Number Sweeper 3D

How to Play

  • First, you must familiarize yourself with the grid, which is the main playing field.
  • Then, click on a cell to reveal a number, providing clues about the surrounding cells.
  • Next, use the numbers to identify and mark where mines could be hidden.
  • After marking all potential mines, proceed to clear the remaining cells.
  • Lastly, continue this process until you either win by clearing all non-mined cells or lose by hitting a mine.


  • The game offers an engaging 3D visual experience.
  • It includes multiple difficulty levels to challenge players of all skill levels.
  • A time-tracking feature adds an element of urgency.
  • Hints and tips can guide players when they are stuck.
  • Leaderboards allow you to compete with friends or other players worldwide.


  • Click to reveal a cell.
  • Use right-click to mark a potential mine.
  • Scroll to zoom in and out for a better view of the grid.
  • Press Esc to pause or access the game menu.

Release Date

  • The game was officially released in June 2023.


  • Created by innovative game studio PixelCraft Games.


  • Available for play on both PC and mobile devices.
  • Accessible through most web browsers without needing a download.

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