Offroad Muddy Trucks
Offroad Muddy Trucks
Offroad Muddy Trucks

Offroad Muddy Trucks


Playing Offroad Muddy Trucks offers a plethora of unique features. First and foremost, the immersive graphics make you feel like you’re truly in a muddy terrain. Additionally, the game boasts an extensive range of trucks to choose from, each customizable to suit your preferences. Moreover, the realistic physics engine makes every jump, skid, and crash an exhilarating experience. Furthermore, the multiplayer mode allows you to challenge friends or meet new competitors online, thus adding another layer of excitement.

How to Play

Playing Offroad Muddy Trucks is straightforward and engaging. To start, select your preferred truck from the garage. Then, customize it with various upgrades and modifications. Next, choose a terrain or race track. When the game begins, accelerate using the designated controls and navigate through muddy paths and obstacles. Additionally, you must be cautious to avoid getting stuck or damaging your truck too severely. To win races, you need to effectively balance speed and strategy, all while managing the treacherous terrains.


The controls in Offroad Muddy Trucks are user-friendly yet precise. Use the arrow keys or WASD for steering, acceleration, and braking. There are also specific keys for shifting gears, activating the turbo boost, and engaging the handbrake. Moreover, customizable control settings let you adjust the sensitivity according to your preferences. Furthermore, for those who prefer a more immersive experience, the game also supports gamepad controllers.

Release Date

Offroad Muddy Trucks was released on May 17, 2023. Since its launch, it has garnered a large and dedicated player base, consistently receiving updates and new features to enhance gameplay.


The game was developed by MudTracks Studio, a seasoned developer renowned for creating highly engaging and realistic driving simulators. Additionally, MudTracks Studio has a track record of maintaining strong community engagement, often incorporating player feedback into updates.


Offroad Muddy Trucks is available on multiple platforms. Specifically, it can be played on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It is also available on iOS and Android devices, allowing you to take your off-road adventures on the go.

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