Pet Salon

Pet Salon

How to Play Pet Salon

  • Begin by selecting a pet that needs grooming
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to wash and dry the pet
  • Trim nails, brush fur, and style your pet to perfection
  • Complete challenges to earn rewards and upgrade your salon
  • Transition to different stages as you progress through the game


  • Variety of adorable pets to choose from
  • Multiple grooming tools for different needs
  • Colorful and engaging graphics
  • Customizable salon with upgrades
  • Time management challenges to keep you engaged
  • Regular updates with new content and improvements


  • Use your mouse or touchscreen to select and manipulate tools
  • Drag and drop items for grooming tasks
  • Click to interact with pets and objects
  • Navigate menus and settings with simple taps or clicks

Release Date

  • Expected to be released in Q2 of this year
  • Available for early access to select users
  • Full version will include additional content and features


  • Created by Fun Time Games
  • Known for innovative and family-friendly titles
  • Focused on quality and user feedback


  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Playable on PC via web browsers
  • Future releases planned for gaming consoles

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Transitioning from one task to another smoothly ensures a delightful experience for players, making these games not only entertaining but also engaging.