Pinball Brick Mania

Pinball Brick Mania

How to Play Pinball Brick Mania

To get started with Pinball Brick Mania, you need to follow these steps:

– Launch the game on your preferred device
– Use the controls to launch the ball
– Keep the ball in play using paddles
– Aim to hit as many bricks as possible
– Complete levels by clearing all bricks


Pinball Brick Mania offers several exciting features, such as:

– Stunning graphics and sound effects
– Multiple challenging levels
– Power-ups and bonuses
– Leaderboards for high scores
– Easy-to-learn gameplay


The controls in Pinball Brick Mania are simple and intuitive:

– Use the spacebar to launch the ball
– Utilize the left and right arrow keys to control the paddles
– Press the down arrow key to nudge the table

Release Date

Pinball Brick Mania was released on:

– January 15, 2022


This engaging game was developed by:

– Arcade Masters


Pinball Brick Mania can be played on various platforms, including:

– PC
– Mac
– iOS
– Android

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