Pixel Craft - Hide and Seek

Pixel Craft – Hide and Seek

How to Play Pixel Craft – Hide and Seek

In order to play:
– Start by selecting your character
– Choose either to hide or seek
– If hiding, find a strategic spot within a given time
– Seekers must find all hiders before time runs out
– Utilize power-ups to enhance your chances


Players can enjoy:
– Vibrant pixel art graphics
– Various maps and environments
– Multiple character skins
– Exciting power-ups
– Multiplayer mode supporting friends


To control your character:
– Use the arrow keys or WASD for movement
– Press E to interact with objects
– Use the space bar to jump
– Press Shift to sprint

Release Date

This popular game was released on:
– January 15, 2022


Crafted by:
– Pixel Studios, known for their pixel art creations


Play across different devices:
– Windows
– macOS
– Android
– iOS

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Don’t forget to test your skills and have fun!