Pop It Master

Pop It Master

How to Play Pop It Master

Playing Pop It Master is quite simple and relaxing. To play, follow these steps:

  • Choose your favorite pop-it toy
  • Start popping the bubbles
  • Complete each level by popping all bubbles
  • Unlock new pop-it toys as you progress


This game offers a variety of enjoyable features:

  • A wide range of colorful pop-it toys
  • Easy and intuitive gameplay
  • Numerous levels with increasing difficulty
  • Relaxing sound effects and music
  • Regular updates with new content


Controls are designed to be user-friendly:

  • Tap on the screen to pop the bubbles
  • Drag your finger for continuous popping
  • Use the back button to return to the main menu

Release Date

Pop It Master was officially released on:

  • August 12, 2022


The game was developed by a dedicated team known as:

  • Casual Entertainment Studio


You can enjoy Pop It Master on various platforms:

  • Android devices via Google Play
  • iOS devices via the App Store
  • Online through web browsers

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