Princess Royal Wedding

Princess Royal Wedding

How to Play Princess Royal Wedding

To dive into the enchanting world of the Princess Royal Wedding, begin by selecting your favorite fairy tale princess. Following this, dress her up in a stunning bridal gown. The game features an extensive wardrobe with gorgeous outfits, elegant accessories, and beautiful hairstyles. As you progress, use the in-game tools to perfect the princess’s makeup. From choosing the ideal blush to applying a shimmering eyeshadow, every detail matters.

In addition, participate in various mini-games. These mini-games range from cake decorating to ballroom dancing. Consequently, players are fully immersed in the royal wedding experience.


Princess Royal Wedding offers an array of features that captivate players of all ages. Firstly, the game boasts high-definition graphics that breathe life into the magical world. Moreover, its intricate design details make every gaming session visually delightful.

Additionally, the game includes a customizable wardrobe with hundreds of dress options. This extensive wardrobe ensures that no two weddings look the same. Another key feature is the interactive storyline where your decisions impact the outcome. This feature enhances replayability as players may wish to explore different scenarios.

Moreover, Princess Royal Wedding comes equipped with a variety of fun mini-games. These mini-games not only add excitement but also help to break the monotony. By including dancing, cake decorating, and even bouquet tossing, the developers ensure a well-rounded experience.


The controls for Princess Royal Wedding are user-friendly and intuitive. On a PC, you can navigate menus using the mouse. Simply click on icons to select dresses, accessories, and other items. Additionally, the drag-and-drop feature makes dressing up the princess a breeze.

For mobile platforms, touch controls are employed. Tap to select different options and swipe to scroll through the wardrobe. Hence, regardless of the platform, controls are straightforward and easy to master.

Release Date

The much-anticipated release date for Princess Royal Wedding was January 15, 2023. Since its release, the game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Players and critics alike have praised its engaging gameplay and stunning visual elements.

Developer Behind

The creative minds at Fairy Tale Games developed Princess Royal Wedding. Known for their expertise in designing captivating games imbued with magic and wonder, Fairy Tale Games have once again succeeded in delivering an exceptional gaming experience. Their meticulous attention to detail and innovative storytelling are hallmarks of their work.


Princess Royal Wedding is available on multiple platforms. Players can enjoy the game on PC, iOS, and Android devices. This cross-platform availability ensures that a broad audience can participate in the enchantment. Furthermore, the game offers seamless transitions between devices, allowing players to pick up where they left off, regardless of their platform.

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