Queen Clara Then and Now

Queen Clara Then and Now

Play Queen Clara Then and Now Game Online

The online game, accessible right from your browser, offers a captivating adventure where you can guide Queen Clara through various challenges. Players engage in exciting puzzles and tasks that blend historical elements with modern-day scenarios, rendering a unique gaming experience.


  • A compelling storyline that bridges past and present
  • Engaging puzzles requiring strategic thinking
  • High-quality graphics depicting different historical eras
  • Interactive gameplay with multiple outcomes


  • Mouse for pointing and clicking
  • Keyboard shortcuts for in-game actions
  • On-screen buttons for navigation

Release Date

The game was released on July 15, 2022, introducing a fresh take on historical adventure games.


Developed by Gamma Games, the creators are renowned for their innovative gameplay mechanics and immersive storylines.


  • Web browsers
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Windows and macOS

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In conclusion, this game stands out due to its innovative blend of historical and modern-day elements, making it a must-play for adventure gaming enthusiasts.