Ragdoll Parkour Simulator

Ragdoll Parkour Simulator

How to Play Ragdoll Parkour Simulator

To navigate the whimsical world of the Ragdoll Parkour Simulator, players need to master the art of balance and timing. Firstly, you start in a picturesque park filled with obstacles and platforms. Using your dexterity, jump, flip, or roll to reach various checkpoints. Moreover, the ragdoll physics demands strategic control over your character’s movements. It’s crucial to avoid falls or crashes as these might set you back.


Ragdoll Parkour Simulator boasts an array of exciting features to captivate its players. For instance, the game offers a plethora of unique parkour challenges spanning across diverse levels. Furthermore, its realistic ragdoll physics provides an authentic and immersive experience. Customization options also allow you to personalize your character with different outfits and accessories. Additionally, multiplayer modes let you compete or collaborate with friends, adding a layer of fun.

Controls: Mastering the Movements

Understanding the controls is key to success in the Ragdoll Parkour Simulator. Primarily, the game employs a combination of keyboard or controller inputs to maneuver your ragdoll character. The arrow or WASD keys control movement, while the space bar triggers jumps. For advanced parkour techniques, combinations of keys may be used to perform flips and tricks. On a controller, the analog sticks replicate the directional commands, whereas specific buttons are designated for jumping and stunts.

Release Date

Ragdoll Parkour Simulator has taken the gaming community by storm since its release. The game was launched on June 15, 2022, quickly amassing a dedicated player base. The developers have continually updated the game, ensuring it remains fresh and engaging.


The ingenious minds behind Ragdoll Parkour Simulator belong to Pixel Pursuit Studio. This talented indie team has a knack for creating engaging, physics-based games. Their commitment to quality and player experience is evident in every aspect of the game.


Accessibility is a strong suit for Ragdoll Parkour Simulator. The game is available on multiple platforms. You can play it on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even on mobile devices. This wide availability ensures that players can enjoy the game regardless of their preferred gaming setup.

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