Retro Space Blaster

Retro Space Blaster

How to Play Retro Space Blaster

Playing Retro Space Blaster is simple yet engaging. To begin:

  • Select your spaceship model.
  • Navigate through the galaxy avoiding obstacles.
  • Shoot down enemy ships whenever they appear.
  • Collect power-ups to enhance your spaceship’s abilities.
  • Strive for high scores by destroying enemy craft efficiently.
  • Features

    Retro Space Blaster comes packed with multiple exciting features. Here are some notable ones:

    • Classic 8-bit graphics that bring nostalgia.
    • Challenging levels with increasing difficulty.
    • Variety of enemy ships and bosses.
    • Power-ups and special weapons for an edge in gameplay.
    • Leaderboard to compete with friends.
    • Controls

      Controlling your spacecraft in Retro Space Blaster is intuitive. The default controls are:

      • Arrow keys for movement.
      • Spacebar to fire your main weapon.
      • Special power-up activation with a designated key (usually Shift).
      • Pause using the P key.
      • Release Date

        Retro Space Blaster was released on:

        • June 15, 2022
        • Developer

          The talented minds behind Retro Space Blaster are:

          • PixelCraft Studios
          • Platforms

            This exciting game is available on multiple platforms:

            • PC
            • Mac
            • Android
            • iOS
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