Ship Clicker

Ship Clicker

How to Play Ship Clicker

  • Start by clicking on your ship to earn resources.
  • Use earned resources to upgrade your ship.
  • Automate actions by purchasing crew members and machinery.
  • Complete missions and quests to gain additional rewards.
  • Progress through levels and unlock new challenges.


  • Engaging clicker mechanics
  • Upgradable ships and equipment
  • Automation options with crew members
  • Challenging missions and quests
  • High-quality graphics and sound effects


  • Mouse click to perform actions
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick access
  • Touch screen support for mobile devices
  • Drag and drop to manage resources
  • Interactive UI for seamless gameplay

Release Date

  • Initially launched in January 2023
  • Regular updates and patches


  • Developed by Sea Games Studio
  • Experienced game developers with a passion for clicker games


  • Available on PC
  • Mac compatibility
  • Mobile versions for Android and iOS
  • Browser-based version for easy access

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