Skibidi Survivor Rush
Skibidi Survivor Rush
Skibidi Survivor Rush

Skibidi Survivor Rush

How to Play Skibidi Survivor Rush

  • Dodge obstacles: Avoid various hindrances as you progress.
  • Collect rewards: Gather coins and power-ups during your run.
  • Stay vigilant: Watch out for incoming threats and react swiftly.
  • Upgrade skills: Use collected resources to enhance your abilities.


  • Engaging gameplay: High-paced action to keep players entertained.
  • Power-ups: Various boosts to aid in surviving longer.
  • Graphics: Vibrant and detailed visuals for an immersive experience.
  • Challenges: Numerous levels with increasing difficulty.


  • Arrow keys: Navigate left and right.
  • Space bar: Jump over obstacles.
  • Mouse: Interact with in-game menus and options.

Release Date

  • Initial launch: August 15, 2023


  • Developed by: Fantastico Games


  • Available on: PC, Mac, and mobile devices (iOS and Android)

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