Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm

Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm

How to Play Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm

Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm is an engaging and eerie online game that challenges players to escape a haunted dormitory filled with spooky obstacles and hair-raising encounters. To enjoy this game:

– Begin by choosing your character.
– Navigate through the maze of haunted dormitory rooms.
– Collect keys and artifacts to unlock new areas.
– Avoid ghostly apparitions and other creepy creatures.
– Solve puzzles to progress and eventually find your way out.


This game boasts several exciting features, including:

– Spooky and immersive atmosphere.
– Various levels with increasing difficulty.
– Intriguing storyline keeping players on the edge of their seats.
– Multiple characters to choose from.
– Challenging puzzles and hidden items.


Navigating through Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm is straightforward with the following controls:

– Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.
– Press E to interact with objects and pick up items.
– Use spacebar to jump or evade obstacles.
– Access inventory and maps with I and M keys respectively.

Release Date

This spine-chilling game was released on:

– March 11, 2023.


Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm was developed by:

– CreepyGames Studio, known for creating thrilling and immersive games.


You can play Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm on the following platforms:

– Web browsers.
– Windows PC.
– iOS and Android devices (coming soon).

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Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to haunted adventure games, Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm offers an entertaining and bone-chilling experience worth exploring. So dive in, embrace the spooky fun, and see if you can escape the haunted dormitory’s clutches.