Smackem All

Smackem All

How to Play Smackem All

First, players will:

– Launch the game
– Choose their character

Next, it’s essential to:

– Navigate the levels
– Use strategic movements to smack opponents

Moreover, you should:

– Collect power-ups
– Avoid obstacles


This game is packed with:

– Stunning graphics
– Exciting levels

Additionally, it includes:

– Multiplayer mode
– Engaging sound effects


To ensure a smooth experience, use:

– Arrow keys for movement
– Spacebar to attack

Moreover, you can:

– Press Enter to pause
– Use mouse for menu navigation

Release Date

The game was released on:

– March 15, 2022


Created by:

– FunGames Studio


It is available on:

– Windows
– Mac OS

Additionally, enjoy it on:

– iOS
– Android

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