Snake Yo

Snake Yo

Play Snake Yo Game Online

Playing Snake Yo online offers a fun nostalgic experience combined with modern twists. You embark on an adventure, guiding your snake to consume food, grow longer, and avoid clashes with obstacles or the snake’s own body.


  • Classic snake gameplay with fresh enhancements
  • Colorful graphics and smooth animations
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulties
  • Customizable skins for your snake
  • Leaderboard system to compete with friends


  • Arrow keys for navigation
  • Space bar to pause the game
  • R key to restart the level
  • Mouse clicks for menu selection

Release Date

  • Snake Yo was officially released on January 15, 2022


  • The game was developed by FunGames Studio, known for innovative and engaging casual games


  • Available to play on web browsers
  • Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices

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