Sneak In 3D

Sneak In 3D

How to Play Sneak In 3D

– Carefully navigate through different levels to avoid detection.
– Use stealth tactics to complete missions.
– Collect items and keys to progress.
– Utilize disguises to fool enemies.
– Stay out of sight by hiding in shadows and using objects for cover.


– 3D graphics enhancing the immersive experience.
– Multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
– Various characters each with unique abilities.
– Dynamic lighting and realistic sound effects.
– Engaging stealth mechanics keeping you on edge.


– Arrow keys or WASD to move the character.
– Mouse to change the camera view.
– Spacebar to interact with objects or hide.
– Shift key to crouch and move silently.
– R key to restart the level if caught.

Release Date

– The game debuted in April 2022.


– Developed by Stealthy Game Studios.


– Available on PC and mobile devices.
– Playable on both Android and iOS platforms.
– Browser-based version accessible through web.

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