Solitaire Klondike

Solitaire Klondike

Play Solitaire Klondike Game Online

Solitaire Klondike has become incredibly popular among online card game enthusiasts. This version features a familiar layout that is easy to understand, making it accessible for players of all skill levels. You can play right from your browser without needing to download any special software.


There are several features that set Solitaire Klondike apart from other card games. Some of these features include:

  • Single and multi-card draw options
  • Customizable backgrounds and card designs
  • Unlimited undo and redo options
  • Automatic card movement
  • Hints and tips for beginners


The controls for Solitaire Klondike are intuitive and straightforward. Mastering these controls will enhance your gaming experience:

  • Left-click to select and move cards
  • Right-click to automatically move cards to the foundation
  • Drag and drop cards manually
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick actions

Release Date

The first iterations of Solitaire Klondike were introduced in the early days of personal computing. However, newer online versions have been released consistently to improve the player experience:

  • First digital release: 1990s
  • Major online updates: 2010s
  • Recent updates: 2020s


The development of Solitaire Klondike has involved various contributors over the years. The game’s most recent versions are often developed by:

  • Independent developers
  • Dedicated gaming companies
  • Open-source communities


Solitaire Klondike is versatile and can be enjoyed on multiple platforms:

  • Web browsers
  • Windows and Mac OS
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Tablets and smartphones

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