Sorting Sorcery

Sorting Sorcery

How to Play Sorting Sorcery

  • Select your character from the various options available
  • Navigate through different levels by solving puzzles
  • Use spells to sort items into their correct categories
  • Complete levels to unlock new abilities and challenges


  • Engaging puzzles that require strategic thinking
  • Diverse characters, each with unique skills
  • Interactive storyline set in a magical world
  • Regular updates providing new content and challenges
  • Multiplayer mode allowing you to collaborate with friends


  • Use the arrow keys or WASD for movement
  • Press the space bar to cast spells
  • Use the mouse to click on items for interaction
  • Access the menu by pressing the Esc key

Release Date

  • Announced on January 15, 2023
  • Official release on March 20, 2023


  • Developed by Mystic Studios
  • Award-winning game development company


  • Available on PC through Steam
  • Also available on PlayStation and Xbox
  • Mobile version for iOS and Android

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