Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter
Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter
Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter

Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter

How to Play Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter

  • Start the game and select your spaceship.
  • Navigate through space by using the control buttons.
  • Aim and shoot at incoming asteroids and enemy ships.
  • Collect power-ups to enhance your spaceship’s abilities.
  • Reach higher levels by defeating bosses and staying alive.


  • Stunning space-themed graphics that captivate players.
  • A wide variety of enemy ships and asteroids to challenge your skills.
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty to keep you engaged.
  • Customizable spaceships with unique abilities and upgrades.
  • Exciting boss battles that test your strategic thinking.


  • Arrow keys or joystick for movement.
  • Spacebar or main button for shooting.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for activating special abilities.
  • Touchscreen controls for mobile platforms.
  • Pause and resume options available in the menu.

Release Date

  • Initial release: March 2022
  • Latest update: May 2023


  • Developed by Stellar Soar Studio
  • Known for creating immersive space games


  • Available on PC (Windows, macOS)
  • iOS and Android for mobile gaming
  • Compatible with popular web browsers

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