Squid 2 Glass Bridge

Squid 2 Glass Bridge

Play Squid 2 Glass Bridge Game Online

Squid 2 Glass Bridge offers an exciting and thrilling experience. Whereas traditional games may simply entertain, this online game pushes players to the edge. Firstly, the game’s premise involves crossing a bridge with a twist: some glass panels are sturdy while others can break under weight. Consequently, players must make careful choices to survive. Additionally, the online community allows you to compete against others for the best spot on the leaderboard.


  • Suspenseful gameplay mechanics
  • High-quality graphics and sound design
  • Multiplayer functionalities
  • Leaderboard and achievement tracking


  • Arrow keys for movement
  • Spacebar for jumping
  • Mouse for selecting options

Release Date

  • Released on: March 15, 2023


  • Developed by: Digital Euphoria Studios


  • Available on: PC, Mac, and mobile devices

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Overall, Play Squid 2 Glass Bridge Game Online for a chance to engage in this adrenaline-fueled, decision-making challenge. Furthermore, explore other similar games to broaden your gaming horizon.