Stickman Broken Bones io

Stickman Broken Bones io

How to Play Stickman Broken Bones io

  • Start by choosing your stickman character
  • Launch your stickman off various platforms
  • Control the descent to maximize impact and break more bones
  • Earn points based on the extent of the damage inflicted


  • Simple yet addictive gameplay
  • Various levels with different platform heights
  • Realistic physics simulation for bone-breaking effects
  • Leaderboards to track and compare scores with others


  • Use the mouse or touchpad to aim and launch
  • Adjust the angle and power of your launch using on-screen sliders
  • Use on-screen buttons for special moves or tricks during the fall

Release Date

  • Available worldwide as of January 2023


  • Developed by XYZ Games, a studio known for exciting and quirky games


  • Playable on web browsers
  • Available on iOS and Android devices

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In Stickman Broken Bones io, players can enjoy an engaging experience where multiple factors influence your ability to break bones effectively, offering a challenging yet fun gameplay dynamic.