Stickman Flip

Stickman Flip

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Enjoy an action-packed adventure with Stickman Flip, where you guide a stick-figure character through thrilling obstacles. Although the game is simple in design, it ensures endless fun as you aim for the best flips and landings. Additionally, it is easily accessible from any web browser, making it incredibly convenient to play.


The game boasts several features that enhance the gaming experience:

  • Challenging Levels
  • Simple Controls
  • Engaging and Fluid Animations
  • Score Tracking


Stickman Flip offers intuitive controls, which add to the enjoyment:

  • Arrow Keys for Movement
  • Space Bar to Flip
  • Mouse Click for Precision

Release Date

The release date of the game has not only marked a significant addition to casual gaming but also provided a fresh challenge for all ages:

  • Released in 2020


The game, developed by a talented independent game maker, showcases impressive creativity:

  • Developer: Indie Studio


Stickman Flip can be played on various platforms, ensuring you can enjoy it anywhere:

  • Web Browser
  • Mobile Devices
  • PC and Tablets

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