Stickman Football

Stickman Football

How to Play Stickman Football

To enjoy Stickman Football, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the game from your preferred platform
  • Choose your team and customize your players
  • Understand the basic controls for movement and actions
  • Select the game mode you want to play
  • Score points by running, passing, and kicking the ball towards the opponent’s end zone
  • Stop the opposing team from scoring to win the match


Stickman Football offers an array of features that enhance the gaming experience. Some of the highlight features include:

  • Multiple game modes: Tournament, Season, and Quick Game
  • Customizable teams and players
  • Simple yet engaging graphics and animations
  • Leaderboards to track your progress and scores
  • Intuitive user interface


Getting the hang of the controls is crucial for a successful game. Here are the primary controls:

  • Arrow keys for player movement
  • Space bar to pass or tackle
  • Z key for sprinting
  • X key for special moves

Release Date

Stickman Football was released in the year:

  • August 2015


The game was developed by:

  • Djinnworks GmbH


You can play this entertaining game on multiple platforms, including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web browser

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