Stickman Hero Fight

Stickman Hero Fight

Play Stickman Hero Fight Game Online

Stickman Hero Fight is an exciting and engaging online game. It provides players with thrilling battles, enabling them to become ultimate stickman champions. Moreover, it is accessible through various platforms, allowing you to enjoy it anytime, anywhere.


  • Intense battle scenes
  • Multiple characters with unique abilities
  • Various levels and challenges
  • Customizable skins and weapons
  • Captivating graphics and animations


  • Arrow keys for movement
  • A key for attack
  • W key for jump
  • S key for block
  • D key for special abilities

Release Date

The game was released on October 15, 2022.


Stickman Hero Fight was developed by Golden Game Studio, known for its innovative and captivating game design.


  • Web browsers
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • Windows PCs
  • Mac OS

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