Stickman vs Zombies

Stickman vs Zombies

Play Stickman vs Zombies Game Online

Stickman vs Zombies combines thrilling action with an intuitive interface. The game’s mechanics are straightforward yet deeply engaging, ensuring players remain immersed. Moreover, the game can be accessed online, making it convenient for users to dive into the action at any time. Join the ranks of stickmen warriors and battle against relentless zombie hordes.


  • Engaging Levels: Numerous levels filled with challenging enemies and obstacles.
  • Stunning Graphics: Sharp and dynamic stickman and zombie animations.
  • Power-ups: Collect various power-ups to enhance your stickman’s abilities.
  • Weapon Variety: A wide array of weapons to choose from and upgrade.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Battle it out with friends or other players worldwide.


  • Move: Arrow keys or WASD
  • Attack: Spacebar
  • Jump: Up Arrow or W key
  • Switch Weapons: Q and E

Release Date

Stickman vs Zombies was released on January 15, 2021, captivating audiences with its blend of action and strategy. The game has since gained a loyal following among online gamers.


The game was developed by Crazy Games, a company renowned for producing high-quality, addictive online games. Known for their creativity and attention to detail, Crazy Games ensures an exceptional gaming experience.


  • Web Browser (Playable on both desktop and mobile)
  • iOS
  • Android

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