How to Play Strawberella

To get started with this game, follow these steps:

– Launch the game on your preferred platform
– Select your character and customize them
– Begin your adventure by following the in-game tutorial
– Complete quests and explore various environments
– Use collected items and unlocked skills strategically


Here are some standout features you will enjoy:

– Immersive and colorful graphics
– Engaging storyline with multiple quests
– Numerous customization options for characters
– Interactive environments with hidden secrets
– Cooperative multiplayer mode for added fun


Using the controls effectively will enhance your gameplay:

– Move characters with the arrow keys or joystick
– Perform actions using spacebar or action button
– Interact with objects using the ‘E’ key or interact button
– Open inventory with the ‘I’ key
– Pause the game or access the menu using ‘Escape’ key

Release Date

– The game was officially released on March 20, 2022


– Created by BrightPix Studios


You can enjoy this fun adventure on:

– PC via Steam
– PlayStation 4 and 5
– Xbox One and Series X
– Nintendo Switch

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